High Performance Coating Formulations For Your Business. Serving Customers Around the World.

ASN GUARD is a division of ASN Technologies Pte. Ltd. We are a Material Sciences Company based in Singapore and North America.

Our Technology

We are inventors, developers, and manufacturers of nanotechnology products.

ASN GUARD’s high performance coatings are based on Functionalized Molecular Technology for use in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. We also develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients and partners.


Our technology has several very distinct characteristics, and it can be completely tailored to meet your exact requirements.


Shedding of Water, Oil, and Dirt


Abrasion- resistant and long-lasting


Tested and Proven 99.99% Effective


Soiling and Stain Resistant


Chemical and Weathering Proof


Tested and FDA Registered, Advanced Topical Skin Antimicrobial, Alcohol Free, Moisturizing, Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatology Tested, Non Toxic, Long Lasting

UV Resistant

Product will not degrade in UV or Sunlight

Ecologically Friendly

Chemistry that is both safe and environmentally friendly


DEET Free, Fragrance Free, Non Toxic, Long Lasting Mosquito Repellent

Versatile Surface Coatings

Antimicrobial Skin Protection

  • Sanitizing &
  • Hydrating



  • Natural Fibres

  •  Synthetics

Hard Surfaces

  • Metals & Steels
  • Glass
  • Stone & Granites 


  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Plastics


  • Seeds                       

Ready To Use Formulations

ASN Surface Guard

ASN Surface Guard

ASN Auto Guard

ASN Stone Guard

ASN Glass Guard

ASN Currency Guard

ASN Seed Guard

Fully Tested For All Claims

Each formulation is Tested and Certified for its intended use by independent Internationally Accredited Laboratories (TUV, SGS, Viroxy Laboratories, SkinProof, FARE Laboratories).Even tested under strict Guidelines of Boeing & Airbus standards at 3rd Party Certified Laboratory (SMI Inc., USA)

Safety & Trust

The Formulations are made Using inhouse Proprietary Blends of   ASN GURD Chemicals as well as in collaboration an supply from other Global Chemical Suppliers all Registered Under EPA, FDA or Article 95 for Supply to EU.

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Make It Your Own

Your Branding & Packaging Support:

Sell under your brand name using our technology licence.  Our services extend into customised packing solutions under your

 brand including Bottling and Labelling.

Turn-Key Bottling Plant In Your Country or Location with Bulk Product Support:

Supply of Turn Key Filling and Packaging Line to suite your production needs, along with supply of “Ready To Pack” Bulk product supply.

Assured Product Quality

Manufacturing is located in Singapore and Canada

The entrusted partners make the product under strict ISO and FDA guidelines with full Certification.

Manufactured under Quality Standards:

ISO 13485:2016     ISO9001:2015     ISO14001:2015    ISO 45001:2018

We are Limited by Your Imagination