ASN Guard provides cutting-edge protection solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Yes. It degrades quickly and does not build up in the environment.

Metal, steel, wood, plastic, vinyl, natural fibre textiles, synthetic textiles, stone, and granite can all benefit from ASN protection.

We offer a unique shield to our customers and stand strongly on what we claim. ASN Guard has passed all the extensive testing by reputable third-party certification agencies. And, if requested, we can offer all Full Test reports and Certifications.

ASN Guard is suitable for use as a coating on food-contact surfaces such as kitchen counter tops and dining room table-tops. It was put to the test under the Singapore Food Act, FDA regulations, and EU directives. ASN Guard, on the other hand, cannot be sprayed directly on food.

Yes, it is okay to consume because ASN Guard is non-toxic and food safe. The Singapore Food Act, FDA regulations, and EU regulations have all been passed.

Because ASN protection is noncorrosive and odourless, it won’t harm or smell the surfaces it’s sprayed on. In fact, the coating adds an extra layer of stain resistance.