Material scientists have recently focused their attention on the conservation and protection of historic monuments or culturally significant constructions. This review covers various aspects of monument protection, such as the most common causes of historical monument damage and deterioration, the contact angle factor as one of the most important parameters in the selection of polymeric coatings, and some of the most common types of polymeric materials used for monument protection. ASN Stone GUARD is the answer to all the above aspects which provides ultimate protection to your precious historic monuments.

Our technology has some very unique qualities, and can be endlessly customized  to suit your specific needs.

Hydrophobic – Water, Oil, and Dirt Shedding

Oleophobic – Stain and Soiling Resistant

UV Resistant – Won’t Degrade in UV or Sunlight

Durable – Long Lasting and Abrasion Resistant                                                                                                                                                     

Bacteriostatic – Tested and Proven 99.99% Effective                                                      

Ecologically Friendly – Safe, and Environmentally Friendly Chemistry