ASN Auto Guard is a ceramic and quartz coating solution for cars and other vehicles – including motorcycles, trucks, boats and marine equipment, and heavy machinery. Formulated to be a semi-permanent protective coating, it meets the high expectations demanded of detailers and enthusiasts.
ASN Auto Guard is unlike other ceramic coatings and waxes. It is engineered using a proprietary formulation of ceramic and quartz nanoparticles to achieve the “industry standard.” Utilizing the latest innovations in ceramic nanotechnology, ASN Auto Guard create a durable, long lasting, high gloss, hydrophobic and self-cleaning barrier on automotive paint.
Our nano-coating provides a contact angle greater than 120°, which means water, dirt, oils, and other contaminates roll off with ease. Super-hydrophobicity (water repellency) ensures that regular contaminates are not able to stick onto the surface, keeping it cleaner for longer. When applied properly, this nano-coating will last years, requiring less maintenance and cleaning over time.

Easy-to-Use –  Clean. Apply. Buff.

Ultra-Glossy – Paint is revitalized upon application by enhancing sheen; creating a long lasting luster and depth of color

Permanent – Will last the life of the car when applied properly, requiring less surface maintenance and cleaning.

Self-Cleaning – Treated surfaces self-clean when exposed to rain and other water sources, loosing dirt and debris for easy removal.

Promotes & Enhances:

  • Salt Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Ultraviolet Light Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Oxidization Resistance
  • Acid Rain Resistance
  • Aerosol Resistance