ASN Auto GUARD is a ceramic and quartz coating solution for automotive applications. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, heavy machinery, boats, marine equipment, and other vehicles can all benefit from it. It's one-of-a-kind since it's neither a wax nor a typical ceramic coating, and it's made for both detailers and enthusiasts.


  • Strong – To attain the “industry standard” of 9H Hardness, ASN Auto Guard is created with a proprietary combination of ceramic and quartz nanoparticles.
  • Permanent – The nanocoating will last the life of the car if applied properly or by an expert, and will require less maintenance and cleaning over time.
  • Self Cleaning – Water, dirt, oils, and other contaminates roll off easily with the ASN Auto GUARD, which has a contact angle larger than 120°. Regular contaminates are unable to adhere to the surface due to superhydrophobicity, which keeps it cleaner for longer.

Vehicles treated with ASN Auto GUARD become:
– Superhydrophobic – Resistant to Salt
– Ultra Glossy

– Resistant to Acid Rain – Resistant to Aerosols – Easier to Clean
– UV Resistant
– Self Cleaning
– Scratch Resistant
– Scratch Resistance: Minor scratches and surface blemishes are reduced.
– Self-Cleaning: Treated surfaces clean themselves as it rains. Dirt and debris is easier to remove. – Enhanced Paint: The paint is revitalized upon application.
– Corrosion / Oxidization Resistance: Paint is protected from oxidization and corrosion.