ASN Glass Guard has been formulated to protect glass surfaces from environmental damage and pollution. Our hydrophobic (water repelling) coating is derived from a silica based, single component molecular formulation that forms a long lasting, hygienic quartz glass barrier on all types of glass. Our products come in ready-to-use and custom designs engineered for architectural, industrial, residential, and automotive glass surfaces.
ASN Glass Guard contains residue resistant and antistatic properties that create a self-cleaning process, deflecting dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Its high surface slip prevents unwanted materials from adhering to glass and will keep surfaces looking cleaner for longer. Third-party testing has verified that our glass technology lasts over three years in regular use on automotive glass. For building managers, ASN Glass Guard can represent huge cost savings in building maintenance.


Easy-to-Apply - Simple Application with a Short Drying Period.
Easy to Maintain - High Slip Surfaces allow for Mild Cleaners and Less Frequent Cleaning.
Economical - Savings in Application and Maintenance Costs for More Value.
Durable - Long Lasting and Preservative.
Breathable - Unaltered Stone Surface Breathability.
Flexible - Adheres to and Completely Encapsulates Surfaces.
Imperceptible - Invisible with no Odor or Visible Change to the Surface.
Temperature Resilient - Will Withstand Extreme Temperatures.
Inert - Contains No Active Chemical Compounds.
VOC Free - Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds.
Skin Friendly - Safe to Human Health.
Eco-Friendly - Eco-Friendly Chemistry using Natural Materials.

Antimicrobial Properties :
Tested and proven to be 99.99% Effective against Bacteria, Fungi, Mold and Mildews, and Algae.


Hydrophobic – Water, Humidity and Dirt Shedding

Oleophobic – Oil, Stain, and Soiling Repelling

UV Resistant – Non-Degrading in Ultraviolet (UV) Rays or Sunlight

Abrasion Resistant – Prevents Wear and Erosion. 

Acid & Alkaline Resistant – Shields against Environmental Conditions.