ASN Guard coating employs next-generation technologies that protect environmental surfaces from bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, mildew, and other pathogens. This water-based product will protect all types of surfaces, including metals and steels, glass, wood, plastics and vinyl, rubber, natural fibre and synthetic textiles, and stone and granite. ASN Guard is been certified as eco-friendly, nontoxic and food safe. We offer two versions that will protect surfaces for up to 30 and 60 days; eliminating pathogens with 99.9999% efficacy. This is a economical and versatile surface coating that will protect communities from contagious disease.

Ensure that your eating business is clean, and safe for customers. Provide them with an antibacterial environment with ASN Guard. We protect all sort of:
a) Take Away / Quick Serve Restaurants
b) Canteens and Cafeterias
c) Restaurants
Knowing your workout centre is clean and bacteria-free gives you a good feeling. ASN Guard is here to clean, sterilise, and protect those high-touch areas. We protect all sort of:
a) Gymnasium
b) Yoga Studios
c) Sports centres
ASN Guard is safe to use on plush toys, sleeping mats, blankets and other items that young children might put in their mouths. Also, for colleges, where a large number of students come from various modes of public transportation. We protect all sort of:

a) Playschools
b) Schools
c) Colleges & Universities
For us, being clean is only the beginning! Our mission is to assist our hotel and cruise line clients in providing a pleasant guest experience. We protect all sort of:

a) Motels & Hotels

b) Ships & Cruise
ASN Guard intends to improve hygiene along with providing a pleasant patient care experience. It helps to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections while also safeguarding public health. We protect all sort of :
a) Hospitals
b) Dispensaries
c) Medical Clinics
d) Nursing Homes
Whether you’re flying across the nation, taking the bus from home to work, or taking the rail from city block to city block, knowing your journey is clean, disinfected, and new gives you great peace of mind. We protect all sort of : 
a) Buses
b) Airlines
c) Ferries
d) City Transit Cabs 
The Canadian-based Occupational Health and Safety Board (OHS) warns that deadly drug-resistant bacteria have become increasingly prevalent in offices across the world and that incidents of MRSA, the #1 killer in bacterial infections, have increased by 90% since 1999. OHS reminds employers that they should take every precaution to keep work surfaces free of germs and educate their employees on the importance of hand hygiene. These two things alone can curtail illness, absenteeism, disruption of work schedules, and office outbreaks of infectious disease.