Purple uses a unique and advanced technology based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds that forms a nano layer on the surface with microscopic needles which mechanically punctures and kills any virus or bacteria strands that falls on your hands. This process interrupts the essential function of the cell membrane and the protein activity, ultimately eliminating the microbe. It will disinfect your hands from viruses, bacteria and has been extensively tested.

Most alcohol hand sanitizer are effective only up to 2 minutes after application (www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/hand-sanitizer-minutes-not-effective-killing-germs-long-term-research-article-1.190969). Surprised! Yes, the hands are exposed & open for cross contamination immediately after. When you use Purple it will continue to protect your hands for upto 8 hrs.  Purple forms an invisible glove on your hands to provide long lasting protection of upto 8 hrs.  It will continue to work even after washing your hands. The only way the efficiency reduces is with the natural process of skin exfoliation and shedding.  Purple is water based and dermatologist tested to be non irritating to the skin. It is self hydrating and breathable for the skin. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth and does not let it dry. You only have to apply it once on your hands and you are protected for the day.  There are many other things that get our hands dirty such as dust, grim, oil, food etc., so we encourage washing your hands during the day to get your hands clean and Purple will continue to provide the protection against the unseen pathogens.

Purple is non-toxic, non-irritant to skin, and non-flammable and it provides 8 hours of protection as compared to alcohol- based hand sanitizers which are effective for about 2 minutes.

Spray 4-5 times and rub evenly on both sides of hands until dry for optimal protection.

Yes, indeed you can as Purple is food safe which implies
that a chemical is safe for food contact surfaces, and it has also been tested under the Singapore Food Act, FDA and EU regulations.

Yes, of course. 
In Fact it is recommended to use Purple over other hand sanitizers that have harmful chemicals that can easily leach out and could be a source of contamination on the infants/toddlers skin. When you use Purple there are no harmful chemicals that can leach out of the hand and harm the infants/toddlers. You hands will stay germ free for longer and can provide much protected play time with your children/grandchildren.

Purple effectively inactivates SARS-CoV-2 within 10 s of

Purple does not come off after washing hands and will remain active on the skin for 8 hours after every application. It is only
removed through natural skin shedding or through skin exfoliation such as rubbing
your hands with a rough towel after washing your hands.

Government bodies:

EPA & FDA, USA (https://www.epa.gov/coronavirus/i-want-use-product-kill-sars-cov-2-covid-19-it-isnt-list-n-it-effective-against-sars)

TGA, Australia: (https://www.tga.gov.au/surrogate-viruses-use-disinfectant-efficacy-tests-justify-claims-against-covid-19)

have recommended that all products that claim to be effective against COVID - 19 must be tested to see if the product is effective against Human Coronavirus 229E. Purple has gone through extensive testing and is certified to kill 99.99% of Human Coronavirus 229E.

Purple has been dermatologically tested and was found to be non-irritant to skin. It is water based and alcohol free and therefore will not dry out the skin, potentially leading to inflammation. Inflamed skin actually harbours more bacteria and micro-breaks in the skin will allow germs to enter. It is moisturising as it self-hydrating and also does not contain any fragrance which could potentially cause allergies.

ASN Guard

Once the coating is applied on any surface, a Nano scale layer is formed on the surface with microscopic needles which mechanically punctures & kills any virus strands falling on the coated surface.

ASN Guard Antimicrobial coating has Positively Charged Polyatomic Cationic Sales molecule. The attractive interactions between these cationic salts and the negatively charged cell membrane of the microbe create the antimicrobial activity, which in turn results in the formation of a surfactant-microbe complex. The microbes include viruses, bacteria and moulds. This process interrupts the essential function of the cell membrane and the protein activity ultimately eliminating the virus strand. During the interaction with the cell membrane of virus, the coating remains intact and retains its antimicrobial ability, hence providing long term antimicrobial functionality.

Yes. ASN Guard Antimicrobial is also effective against bacteria, mould and viruses. Supported by accredited lab report.

Health and Safety, Environment

ASN Guard Technology as a non-toxic, water based Antimicrobial Coating is cost effective, safe to human health, highly effective and sustainable. As no toxins are used in ASN Guard, danger of toxic exposure to children at day care centres, care givers, hospital staff or patients is eliminated.

Our Technology, referred to as Functionalized Molecular Technology (FMT), is based on molecules of inorganic materials naturally available on earth. Our coatings are inert, meaning it comes from the earth and can be returned to earth safely.


Follow 3 simple step protocol for best results.

Step 1: Clean to make sure surface is free from all soil, dirt, dust, and oils. For Textile, wash before application.

Step 2: Disinfect the surface with your regular disinfectant. Dry before proceeding to step 3. You can skip this step if you are using cleaning and disinfecting soap or detergent.

Step 3: You can apply on recommended surfaces by the use of spray equipment, pump or hand sprayer, immersion, padding, or by roller.

Cover or spread the surface evenly with the coating. Allow it to dry.

Slightly dampen a microfiber cloth with the coating formula and buff away any residue on non - porous surfaces from the coating.

ASN Guard Antimicrobial Coating stabilizes within few minutes after coating application and drying. The surface is ready for light use. For optimum and prolong use, we recommend leaving it for 8 to 12 hours.